Compostable and Degradable Sacks

Refuse Sacks Compostable Description:

Compostable exhibits the following properties compared to PE-LD:

  • High strength, low-medium stiffness and high failure energy (dart drop)
  • Good processability on conventional blown film lines, e.g. for PE-HD, PE-MD
  • Down gauging to 8 µm possible, typical thicknesses: 10 – 120 µm
  • Broad sealing window required for sealing layers of multi-layer film structures
  • Weldable and printable in 8 colours by flexo printing
  • Leaves only carbon dioxide and water and leaves NO harmful residues after degradation.
  • Contains no polyethylene
  • No Chemical additive to speed degradation
  • Performs just like normal plastic bags but in a new innovative environmentally friendly way.
  • Heat Distortion temperature is 75 °C ( hot food ok)
  • Waterproof
  • Shelf life of two years

Refuse Sacks Degradable Description

Degradable is a process whereby very large molecules are broken into smaller molecules or fragments. Bio-degradation is the process by which micro organisms convert material into biomass.
Our technology is a solution to the plastic waste problem that really does work! We can save up to 30% on landfill space by using this type of plastic.

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