P12 wet and Dry



P12 Wet and Dry Best seller where a strong dry vacuum and occasional water pick up is required. Ideal in healthcare and educational environment.

We are proud of the Comac P12 vacuums, our bestselling vacuum with literally thousands of machines sold in the UK and Ireland. Don’t be conned by smiley faces and marketing hype from the big names, this vacuum works long hours 7 days a week year in year out.

Includes: hose, tube, floor tool, accessories, filter, bag and user manual.

Motor Ametek 1100 W by-pass
Water Lift / vacuum 2200 mmH2O/220 mBar
Air Flow 60 l/s
Total capacity tank 25 l
Effective capacity tank 12 l
Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 38x38x56 cm