Orbis Truvox 400



Features of the Truvox Orbis 400 floor polisher includes:

  • Vibration reduction
  • The Orbis 400 high speed floor polisher is specially designed with anti-vibration mountings to help eliminate vibration during use, and consequently, operator fatigue.
  • Easy to use for inexperienced cleaning operators
  • The design for this floor polisher offers a mechanical soft-start function, making the machine easy to use by inexperienced operators. This feature is ideal for added comfort on long cleaning shifts as your cleaning operators will not have to constantly hold down the power button during their cleaning duties.
  • Large wheels
  • The heavy duty wheels are also large for easy transport.
  • Bumper protection
  • The Orbis range of floor cleaning machines have bumper protection built in to help to prevent damage to furniture, doors and walls.
  • Multiple handle adjustment
  • 1st Class hygiene’s Truvox Orbis range come with a multiple adjustable handle feature to help make it as easy and as comfort as possible for your cleaning staff to use.
  • Operator protection
  • The Orbis range have a double insulation and splash guard to protect the operator and the machine.
  • Brackets to fit accessories
  • This range of floor cleaning machines come with a bracket to fit accessories such as a vacuum, solution tank of spray system.
  • Low motor
  • The low motor design is ideal for cluttered areas and reaching under furniture.