Innova 65/75/85/100 B



Innova is the highly user-friendly scrubbing machine suitable for maintenance cleaning of surfaces up to 6000 sq. m, which allows a dramatic reduction in the cost of cleaning.
It is available in the version with 1 disc brush, with a working width of 61 cm, in the version with 2 disc brushes, with working width of 65, 75, 85 and 100 cm and in the version with 1 cylindrical brush with a working width of 69 cm.

Innova 60 B was designed in order to replace a walk-behind scrubbing machines, with the aim to drastically reduce sq. m scrubbed cost offering a real competitive advantage, particularly for the end user. Innova offers the economic advantage to be used up to four non-stop working hours thanks to the optimization of energy consumption. The compact size allows the machine to pass even through traditional doors or be transported in lifts.

Innova 65/75/85/100 B / M – 70 S are scrubbing machines which guarantee a dramatic reduction in the cost of cleaning thanks not only to an advantageous purchase price but also to the complete equipment of all Comac systems that reduce waste and consumption (automatic version). It is possible to choose between the manual version (Innova M) where the squeegee and the brush head are controlled by two independent levers for a very simple and immediate use and the automatic version equipped with a working program selector which allows to choose among four pre-set working programs: once selected the most suitable program, the operator has only to drive it and Innova does all the thinking.