Adept Marvel Multi Surface Cleaner



A safe multi-purpose cleaner developed for both the industrial and domestic market.

Removes a multitude of stains without the need for alkalies, acids, bleaches and solvents. Marvel is Neutral pH and has a  highly effective germicide which kills a wide range of bacteria including, Listeria, E-coli, MRSA, Weils Disease etc.
Ideal for bathrooms, Kitchens and general cleaning. It is safe to use on all metals, plastics, enamel, ceramics and other washable surfaces. Leaves surfaces clean, deodorised and germ free.

  • Excellent cleaner and disinfectant.
  • Environmentally safe.
  • Neutral pH – Non corrosive – contains no acids, alkalies or bleaches.
  • Destroys bacteria instantly
  • Economical to use – a small amount goes a long way.
  • Fresh pleasant fragrance.

Heavy duty cleaning: Dilute 1:5 – 1:30 with hot or cold water. General cleaning and sanitising: 1:10 – 1:50.

Light cleaning: 1:100 – 1:200. Apply by mopping, spraying or soaking. Allow a few minutes to work and rinse well with clean water.

Use neat for toilets and drains.

For use in laundries add 1 cupful per 100 lbs of wash.