Adept Heavy Duty toilet cleaner 5L



Highly effective toilet cleaner, descaler and disinfectant. Use on ceramic and porcelain toilets, tiles and urinals, it removes lime scale, uric acid stains and soiling.
It destroys bacteria and odours at source.
It contains hydrochloric acid, surfactants and a biocide it is ideal for deep cleaning

•Dissolves uric acid stains and lime scale.
•Industrial strength. Excellent cleaning.
•For toilets, urinals, sinks and tiled areas
•Kills odours at source.
•Kills germs and bacteria
•Leaves surfaces clean and shining.

Squeeze out under the rim of the bowl and into the water. Using a brush clean all surfaces and if necessary allow the product to remain on heavily stained areas until they have been removed.
For initial cleaning of bowls, tiles and urinals use undiluted and for regular maintenance dilute with up to 10 parts of water.